Sunwing Airlines announced its return to Cuba

In a communiqué published on its website, the company added that flights will be resumed in October by an online request through the carrier’s sites in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton.

Andrew Dawson, president of Tour Operations at Sunwing Airlines, said that he was very excited to resume flights to Cuba, which has always been an integrated part of the airline’s operations since the inaugural flight took off from Toronto to Varadero in 2005.

Dawson recalled that since then, Sunwing Airlines’ programs have grown to the point that Cuba has become one of the carrier’s most popular destinations in the last decade.

Sunwing Airlines is the largest integrated travel company in North America, with flights to the south, and connections to the destinations in the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic and for several years, Canada has been Cuba’s major tourist sending market, with a preference for sun and beach destinations in this country.


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