COVID-19 also brings negative psychological effects

This has been possible because in our country it is and will be a social science, we think about people and life, explained Dr. Alexis Lorenzo Ruiz, president of the Cuban Society of Psychology, in one of the broadcasts of the television program Mesa Redonda (Round Table).

Several studies have shown that the necessary isolation measures create stress, discomfort in children and young people that can show in rebellious reactions and learning difficulties. The pandemic also provokes fear of going out in the street, of getting sick and of infecting others.

Hence, the support of psychologists has been essential, not only in health centers, but also through various initiatives launched in our country through social networks with the formation of groups and the media.

Precisely the coordination between the National Group of Psychology and television and radio has made possible the transmission of spaces in which various aspects that help families to make the current situation more bearable.

But COVID 19 convalescents face, in addition to the physical sequels, psychological ones such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and adaptation disorders, which is why comprehensive care is given to these people to help them in their incorporation into society.

At the primary health level, these people are followed up at the doctor’s and nurse’s offices in the community and at the polyclinics, since, as the specialists state, these are not minor damages and require attention.

In addition, throughout the country there are community centers for the mental health care of the population. Also part of the system, in secondary care, are the hospitals and provincial specialized institutions and in tertiary care we have the research institutes.

At a time when progress is being made in the vaccination of the population, with immunosuppressants developed by our scientists, the support of psychologists is also of great significance, since one danger is that the perception of risk is lowered and, as the authorities have reiterated, hygienic and sanitary measures must be maintained.

The work carried out by these specialists during the months of the pandemic has been valuable, not only allowing the convalescents of COVID 19 to gradually return to their daily lives, but also counteracting false or poorly substantiated information that can create fear in the population.

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