The Lancet publishes results of #Cuba’s #SoberanaPlus vaccine

The article was published on Wednesday in The Lancet Regional Health-Americas, which promotes the breakthroughs of clinical practice and healthcare policy in the continent, with the ultimate purpose of improving outcomes in the sector.

‘A single dose of SARS-CoV-2 FINLAY-FR-1A vaccine enhances neutralization response in COVID-19 convalescents, with a very good safety profile: An open-label phase 1 clinical trial,’ is the title of the study published in The Lancet.

In that regard, Dr. Dagmar Garcia, Research Director at the Finlay Vaccines Institute (IFV), the leading institution in such a project, highlighted on her Twitter account the disclosure of the vaccine’s outcomes and noted that ‘there will be good news in this field soon.’

‘As it is strictly necessary in science: peer-reviewed and in prestigious international journal, the results of Soberana Plus were published in The Lancet. This story does not end here,’ the expert tweeted.

Soberana Plus was conceived as a booster vaccine with the capacity to reactivate the preexisting immune response and with potential protection against reinfection with the new strains, both in convalescent patients previously exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and in people immunized with another vaccine.

That means it can serve as a booster or combination of any other vaccine with a single dose, the IFV expert pointed out.

Recently, Dr. Yuri Valdes, deputy director of that institution informed that the extension of the vaccine’s use in emergencies will be requested, since it has already received that status as part of the heterologous immunization scheme of two doses of Soberana 02 and one dose of Soberana Plus, which showed 91.2 percent efficacy against symptomatic disease.

The results of the 2nd Phase study showed that those subjects have natural immunity against the coronavirus and those to whom the vaccine was administered increased their antibodies by about 20 times.

Previously, IFV specialists explained that in order to receive that booster dose, at least two months must have passed since the person tested negative for the disease and must be in good health.

Dr. Vicente Verez, director of the IFV, recently warned that immunity to Covid-19 in the pediatric population, at least in terms of antibodies, is weaker, as a rule, than that of adults, ‘possibly due to the fact that children are less susceptible to the disease,’ he noted.

Therefore, the center is analyzing with the regulatory authorities the possibility of including convalescent patients from Covid-19 under 18 years of age in the vaccination scheme, and to achieve so, they plan to carry out a study.

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