Cuban Parliament to meet on October 27

According to the call, published by the Gazette of the Republic,  the session will be held from 9:00 a.m. on October 27, at the Havana Convention Palace, and it will be linked via videoconference with each one of the provinces and the special municipality of Isle of Youth.


Meanwhile, Homero Acosta, secretary of the Parliament, told the press that taking into account the gradual opening due to the epidemiological situation, activities related to the operation of the basic bodies of the Parliament will resume.


He added that there is a group of actions to be carried out from October to December, the month in which the first National Assembly was created in 1976.


Acosta pointed out that as part of the celebrations for the 45th anniversary of the bodies of the People’s Power, the Parliament is working on the creation of a cell phone application with all the laws of organization and operation of the institution.


There will also be a parliamentary hearing of the Commission of Attention to Local Bodies on the work experiences of the delegates in these years of the People’s Power.


Homero Acosta informed that in November, the local delegate will resume their accountability meetings with their constituents, a process that has been detained due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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