The sound of the Western End of Cuba

The construction of the news station was approved and a site to this purpose was sought, yet it had to be located in a  central  area , in the very heart of Sandino city,  the municipal seat. Eventually, a space at the Pedagogical Subsidiary  was authorized where the members of the Manuel Ascunce-Domenech detachment had established.


At first, the station had a four to six hours programming, a transmission that thas been extended to 15 hours daily online from 6 am to 9 pm . The station got to be on air eight hours a day with its own programming and 16 hours with Radio Enciclopedia, in Havana. On Sundays transmissions begin  at three in the afternoon till  11 at night, and on Saturdays, the Monday to Friday programming is repeated, except t the program Trabajando and  Su Intérprete Favorito.


Now, it broadcasts 12 hours on a territorial basis. Its historical program Aló Presidente by Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez stands out, through which the idea of ​​the internationalist Operation Miracle is launched worldwide.

It is a community station with a highly varied programming, dedicated to all age groups, and goes on the air through hte 98.5 FM and also transmits real audio on the Internet on its website: Their advertising is not in vain  : “… from the tail of the alligator in Pinar del Río, the signal that goes with you”; “The voice of western Cuba, dynamic, informative and cheerful, with a clear and simple message. Our commitment is to do better every day. “

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