Pope’s words against aggressions and blockades supported in the U.S.

The organization, which advocates from the United States for the end of Washington’s siege against the island, considers that the expressions of the Supreme Pontiff have ‘the highest value and moral significance for being a guide for some 1.4 billion faithful Catholics.

The words of the Pope, who is today a great world leader, are morally essential, pristine. They respond to the thoughts and feelings of all good men, whatever their confession, the statement of the solidarity group indicates.

In addition, NEMO emphasizes that despite being a secular movement, among its more than 100,000 members, there are people of various religions with their own beliefs and positions.

The organization suggests those who propose destabilization actions in Cuba in November to read the words of the leader of the Catholic Church to avoid ‘a terrible path for the Cuban people.

In a video message recorded for participants in the second session of the IV World Meeting of Popular Movements, the Pontiff said no to neocolonialism and added that conflicts should be resolved in multilateral bodies such as the United Nations.

His ideas were shared on social networks this weekend when he referred to how interventions, invasions, and unilateral occupations end regardless of the motives.

Although he did not mention it directly, the Pope’s words are a clear reference to the U.S. blockade against Cuba, the cruelest, comprehensive, and prolonged system of coercive measures ever applied against any country in the world, said the diplomat of the Caribbean nation Johana Tablada.

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