Radio in Cuba as a cultural expression

The way our radio people speak, their voices, expressions and temperament are in line with the essence and idiosyncrasy of our people, which is also reflected in the style, rhythm and content of radio products. For this reason, nearly with no intention of doing so, our radio stations are distinguished as expressions of a particular culture.


Many are the examples of cultural expression that Cuban Radio proudly exhibits; among them  its first great love soap opera “El derecho de nacer “ (The right to be born)  which, given its proven Cuban identity, was catapulted towards universality throughout Latin America and, in addition to being broadcast by many radio stations, it reached the cinema and television. Other unquestionable  samples are found in the adventure radio soap operas, among which the episodes of “Los tres Villalobos” and “Leonardo Moncada” stood out, while, in the humorous genre, spaces such as “La Tremenda Corte”; “Tota y Pepe”, from the nightly radio magazine “Fiesta a las Nueve”, and the great humorous space “Alegrías de Sobremesa” on Radio Progreso.


A brief glance at the current Cuban Radio programming would be  enough to realize how our most massive means of diffusion continues to be, more than a reflection, an expression of culture itself. Spaces specialized in country folk music, son, danzón and popular music, both patrimonial and current, make up the ongoing dynamics of our cultural universe. It is compelling in our days to appraise the Radio from its cultural immanence and to readjust its future paths, based on the fact that each era entails its own challenges, and the current one would not be an exception. To achieve this, one must deepen wisely the links with all the sectors at whose service it is; know and recognize the current priorities and feelings of listeners and, from that perspective, focus on goals that help to form an audience that is increasingly knowledgeable, demanding and committed. Radio, as a reflection and cultural source, needs to continue being part of its time, keeping the inevitable presence of its root culture, and that come forth  from that very same nature,  with the force of all that is new and transforming. This comprises all the inheritance that identifies us and is a topic to be pondered by we all, particularly during these days in which we celebrate another anniversary of the birth of Cuban Culture.


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