Cuba analyzes consultation and referendum on the Family Code

The Committee members, gathered at the 2nd Plenary Session, were briefed about the draft that in recent weeks was evaluated by experts and public and private entities related to the issue.

Likewise, citizens sent their comments on the 22nd version of the regulation through e-mail after the document was published on the Ministry of Justice’s website on September 15.

In the opinion of authorities and specialists, the new Code is modern, an expression of equality, coherent with the Constitution of the Republic, complies with the fundamental principles of the Cuban legal system, adapted to reality, and protects all types of families without distinction.

After the internal study of institutions, organizations, and scientific societies, and after taking into account their considerations, there will be a new version of the text, which will be submitted to the National Assembly for its analysis and subsequent submission to a popular referendum.

According to the Presidency’s Twitter account, the participants in the II Plenary Session also discussed the municipal and national elections of the People’s Power.

Likewise, the members of the Central Committee evaluated the political assurance to all actors of the Cuban economy and emphasized the importance of strengthening unity between the state and private sectors for the construction of a better country.

The forum met for two days. It focused on the need to improve work styles, accentuate the moral nature of the militancy and strengthen unity with the citizens in the face of attempts to subvert the order in the Caribbean country.

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