Cuba resists and moves on despite U.S. blockade, says Vice President

Cuban Vice President Salvador Valdés Mesa heaped praise on the Cuban people´s resistance to the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the U.S. government for over 60 years as well as actions to face the difficulties it generates.At a meeting with members of the Cuban state missions in France, Valdés Mesa addressed the damages Washington’s policy has caused in the Cuban people´s daily lives, and he also reaffirmed the Cuban people and government´s willingness to overcome such difficulties.

We are going to come out well, he stressed, alongside Ambassador Otto Vaillant, after attending the inauguration of the re-elected Angolan President João Lourenço and the funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Valdés highlighted some of the ongoing measures being taken to face various challenges in Cuba, from food shortages to power deficit and the annoying blackouts it generates.

In spite of a blockade that has been kept unchanged under President Joe Biden Administration and that represents major obstacle to our economic development, Cuba has continued working on implementing the agreements of the 8th Congress of the Communist Party (PCC) and provisions in the Constitution, he said.


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