Justice Secretary participates in the hearing of lawsuit against Cuba

Cuban Minister of Justice Oscar Silvera Martínez is participating in the final days of the hearing at the High Court of England, in London, United Kingdom, corresponding to the lawsuit filed by the vulture fund CRF I Limited against the Banco Nacional de Cuba (BNC) and the Cuban State.

According to what the holder stated on Twitter, Cuba, and the BNC ratified that CRF has not been and is not its creditor, a truth they defend in the oral hearing that began last January 23.

A recent report in the Granma newspaper states that in the first days of the trial, representatives of the fund admitted that a lawsuit was considered an option since the steps were taken to try to get the debt securities that are now being debated.

To support their position, the plaintiffs showed as a key piece of evidence the document issued by an official of the National Bank of Cuba, in which the alleged consent of the Bank, and therefore of Cuba, was given so that the rights as a creditor were transferred in favor of CRF.

According to the Granma article, the arguments heard that week in the High Court of England showed that CFR tried to illegally award itself two Cuban debts and immediately, in the absence of agreement and approval of these acts by the BNC and Cuba, established the lawsuit in London.

Editor: Gilga Gil

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