Nearly six million Cubans had exercised their right to vote by five o’clock

The president of the National Electoral Council, Alina Balseiro, informed that five million 711 thousand 397 Cubans had already exercised their right to vote until five o’clock on Sunday afternoon.

In a televised appearance, she detailed that this figure represented 70.34 percent of the electoral roll, made up of eight million 120 thousand 72 voters.

The turnout at the polls in this Sunday’s national elections is higher than in previous elections and with the same closing time, compared to the Family Code Referendum, it is 1.71 percent higher and 6.49 percent more than in the municipal elections.

Balseiro explained that after the counting process, which is public, the counting, validation, and verification of the votes began.

This process is expected to be carried out during the night and as soon as the preliminary data is available, it will be made known to the population.

She reiterated that this electoral day took place without incidents, with joy and discipline.


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