Cuban trade unions issue call for International Workers’ Day

The Cuban Central of Workers (CTC) and its national unions called for a massive day of mobilization on May 1st  to celebrate International Workers’ Day.

The call, published in Trabajadores newspaper, highlights the firm and unconditional support for the Revolution and Socialism by the Cuban people at the polls in the national elections this March 26.

The CTC indicates that the party of the world proletariat will be dedicated to the heroism of the Cuban people, to the role and commitment of the workers in continuing to consolidate the Social-Economic Model of Socialist Development under construction.

On May 1st , the text underlines, parades and rallies will be held in squares, towns and workplaces, led by the working class together with students, peasants, combatants, youth and the entire town. “We will pay tribute to those who left us their example with their ideas and actions,” the call states.

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