Cuba is active at the head of the Group of 77 + China

At the beginning of the year Cuba assumed the pro tempore presidency of the Group of 77+China, and in these four months it has developed an intense activity to promote cooperation in this mechanism of coordination, which brings together 134 of the 193 member states of the UN.

It is in the interest of the Caribbean nation, in the midst of a post-pandemic world, to take collaboration in education, culture for sustainable development, science, technology and innovation to a higher level.

On this path, Havana has been the scene in such a short period of time of important meetings of heads of various branches of the countries that make up the largest and most diverse bloc in the multilateral arena.

In recent days, the meeting of Ministers of Culture took place, which addressed this sector as a global public good and a means to achieve sustainable development, peace and stability.

In the Cuban capital, alternatives for South-South cooperation in areas such as creative industries and heritage were evaluated.

Ministers also took advantage of the International Tourism Fair, FITCuba 2023, to hold a dialogue. The event was an opportunity to discuss the challenges facing this sector, which has been seriously affected by COVID 19 and is essential for the progress of many of the nations of the mechanism.

As emphasized at the meeting, tourism is a multisectoral activity that can contribute to poverty reduction, economic growth and job creation.

Previously, in February, the meeting of the Ministers of Education had been held, a branch that was also affected by the disease caused by the new coronavirus, which deepened the gaps and inequalities in access to education.

Hence the call for international solidarity and collaboration in the field of education. Therefore, one of the agreements was to reactivate the South-South Cooperation Fund for Education.

Cuba is working so that the countries of the Group of 77+China join efforts for the good of their peoples, aware of their great responsibility, especially at a time when the world is hit by climate, energy, food and economic crises.

Defending a fairer and more equitable economic order is one of the priorities of the Greater of the Antilles in its pro tempore presidency of the Group of 77+China and that its member countries predicted as successful, taking into account the commitment of the Caribbean nation with peace, security and socioeconomic development of all countries.

By Maria Josefina Arce

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