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Cubans win several Billboard awards

Friday, 29 April 2016
IMAGE The recognized group Buena Vista Social Club and the duo Gente de Zona were winners in several categories in the 27th edition of the Billboard Latin Music Awards, held at the Bank United Center at the University of Miami, United States.

Nautical Regattas in Cuba

Tuesday, 26 April 2016
IMAGE A new friendly cap between yacht clubs of Florida and Cuba takes place in the grounds of the Hemingway International Nautical Club, west of Havana.

Cuba and Belgium Put Agro-ecological Projects into Practice

Tuesday, 26 April 2016
IMAGE Joint projects between Cuba and Belgium to strengthen the agro-ecological production of cocoa in eastern Cuba are going very well, pointed out in Guantanamo Patrick Van Gheel, ambassador of that European country.

Russian Media Stresses Support by Fidel Castro of Chernobyl Victims

Tuesday, 26 April 2016
IMAGE Russia´s Rossiya 24 TV channel stressed on Tuesday the welcome given by Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro to the first group of victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, when they arrived in Havana for treatment.

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Juan Carlos Oliva, "the pitching coach even when sleeping is working"

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Radio News Cuba # 330

Radio News Cuba. Special weekly audio news summary published by the Cuban Radio System from 14 to 21 february 2016.

Radio News Cuba # 329

Radio News Cuba. Special weekly audio news summary published by the Cuban Radio System from 7 to 14 february 2016.

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Radio Havana Cuba, 55 Years Broadcasting the Truth to the World

On 16 April, 1961, on the aftermath of bombings by US-operated warplanes against several Cuban airports, a prelude to the mercenary invasion by Playa Giron—Bay of Pigs—one day later, on 17 April, 1961, Cuban leader Fidel Castro announced that Cuba had already in operation a short wave radio station, able to carry Cuba’s truth beyond our borders.

Argentine President Is Linked to More Companies in Panama

Argentine President Mauricio Macri, his father, Franco, and other relatives are not only directors of a dozen ghost companies, but they are also linked to at least eight corporations, according to new revelations. The connection includes friends, right-hand men and employees, and the last firm was founded last year, while most companies are still active, according to a journalistic investigation...

U.S. Delegation Visits Cuba’s University of the Arts

A delegation of the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities of the United States, made up of some 70 personalities from the cultural sphere of that country, visited Cuba’s University of the Arts (ISA) as part of its official agenda on the Island.

My Greatest Pride is Playa Giron

After 55 years of the victory of Playa Giron, Cubans, as Juan Leonardo Martinez Peña, reaffirm their commitment to move forward in building a society in which respect for the full dignity of man is present and today at 73 years of age, he does not forget the events of April 1961.

Cuban radialist

Paper Flowers (I)

"No one escapes his fate." Such categorical phrase could describe the genesis in the radio of one of the most prolific creators of media: Joaquín Cuartas Fourth National Radio Award in 2005.

The importance of a word

"A word does not say anything And at the same time it hides everything ..." This account songwriter Carlos Varela in his song "Words", and although the singer referred to in his letter to love, it makes me think about the importance of a term well written and / or pronounced.And we are all able to communicate, but often make mistakes that frustrate the attempt. Illian Charon Lescaille is one of...

"I confess that I dream in two languages”

Perhaps many would have preferred that the construction of the so problematic and vilified Tower of Babel was never started. But what was a bad start for communication, was followed by the effort of man to try to smooth things over and make pleasant and viable act of communicating, but not fully eliminated the persistent over seven thousand languages in the world.

Rogelio Castillo: "Radio is the air for life"

I imagined this: creating stories to awaken smiles, full of pranks between pages, the advice of "Grandpa Sabemucho, Nuncasabe" and infinite pleasure who loves his profession. And it Rogelio Castillo Moreno, National Radio Award 2009, exudes tenderness, kindness and gentleness, own who has dedicated her work to children.

The opinion

Paris Climate Change Summit Still Has Number of Issues to Resolve

The UN Summit Conference on Climate Change in Paris will soon come to an end, but the negotiators have not yet agreed on a text that will meet the expectations and needs of our Planet, despite the fact that this meeting is generally considered as the last chance to reach an agreement to fight global warming.

Black Belt, key to death of Pablo Neruda

A black belt found in the coffin of Pablo Neruda appears today as an emblematic evidence to reinforce the hypothesis that the Nobel Literature Prize was murdered by the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship. In an exclusive interview with Prensa Latina, lawyer Elisabeth Flores mentioned the anecdotal detail that became one of the most significant told by Rodolfo Reyes Muñoz, nephew of Neruda.

Xbox 360 games console discontinued by Microsoft

Microsoft has said it is to stop manufacturing the XBox 360 games console, 10 years after it launched.

Why Doesn’t Obama Use His Executive Power to Close Guantanamo?

The closing of Guantanamo prison and the return of Guantanamo Bay to Cuba is one of the most heated subjects of Cuba–US relations. It is taking on even more significance as Obama’s trip to Cuba on March 21–22 approaches.