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Radio News Cuban: News Summary of the Week

Radio News Cuba. Special weekly audio news summary published by the Cuban Radio System from 8 to 20 October 2018. General performance: Maria Salomé Campanioni. Edition: José Luis Vidal del Amo, Speaker: Gilda Gil / Cuban Radio in the Internet.


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The singers of war

By: Pedro Norat Soto
B 120 90 16777215 4493 Bandera Cubana The title undoubtedly reminds of “Los Poetas de la Guerra” (The Poets of War), the booklet that collected the inspirations of a group of bards that sang to the exploits of the independence war.

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Why the Cuban National Ballet School Is Expanding Its Focus

By: Toba Singer
B 120 90 16777215 4505 Ballet 1 The largest performance studio at the Fernando Alonso National School of Ballet in Havana, Cuba, is packed with lower school students, seated helter-skelter around the edges of its new sprung floor.