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Radio News Cuba. Special weekly audio news summary published by the Cuban Radio System from 16 to 23 July 2018. General performance: Maria Salomé
Campanioni. Edition: José Luis Vidal del Amo, Speaker: Gilda Gil / Cuban Radio in the Internet.


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ALBA Culture House

By: Radio Cadena Habana
IMAGE The ALBA Culture House of Havana was founded on December 13, 2009. Its foremost purpose is the promotion of the best artistic and intellectual creation, the socio-cultural heritage and the knowledge of Latin American and Caribbean history.

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The life of Chano Pozo in a just published biography

By: Radio Cadena Habana
IMAGE The biography of the mythical Cuban musician Chano Pozo, written by Rosa Marquetti and published by Editorial Oriente, was recently presented in a Saturday of the Book. The event of the literary promotion is organized and carried out every weekend by Cuban Book Institute, at Madera St, on  Plaza...