From Radio Mayabeque or Radio Guines

139784007412The first time I arrived at the station for the first time in the second year of the University. As every student of journalism, I lived and suffered delusions and desire to make us attack those years of life, and most of them were in the former Radio Guines -turned after the last administrative political division, Radio Mayabeque , provincial station.

I always knew that all workers of the station could get very far, so I'm very glad to see the news station converted to guide an entire province. In Radio Guines, as still remember many of the residents of the municipality and of the Mayabeque region, I met a recording studio, I was dazzled by the radio magic from the hands and ingenuity of Manolin, one of its editors, and turned on me completely journalism on radio thanks to this great figure of our environment is Carlos Luis Molina.

This April 19, the station reaches its 44 years of existence. There are many intricacies that have passed by so exalted and has enriched the work of the entire team that made to the family in the radial territory.

"As we believe that the best way to improve our daily work is achieving a rapprochement with all stations that make up the universe of Radio Mayabeque , workers , together with the management team , we took on the task of visiting the municipalities that taxed at our floor and we serve in our status provincial station , "said Elsa Gomez, journalist station.

Also motivates the desire to meet the criteria of listeners each day tune Radio frequencies Mayabeque looking , among other things, updated information from the territory of Cuba and the world, closely.

“On the occasion of our anniversary special morning where have been awarded to outstanding center workers for their outstanding work on the station," said Elsa Gómez.

In a month where we remember all Cubans unforgettable battle of Playa Giron, is valid also celebrate another achievement of the Cuban Radio, for the foundation of a station will always be cause for joy.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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