Lazaro Chiang Macate reports from Radio Reloj

How long have you been working in Radio Reloj?

I have had more than 30 years linked to the print, radio and television press. My principal work is in Radio Reloj but I collaborated in other media.

What about your beginnings in the radio?

In 1973, answering to the request made by the Communist Party some workers took a step forward. There was a lack of staff in the media. We were younger universitary students and Union of Communist Young activists, I wanted to study Foreign Languages, because I had and English basic knowledge, but it was a need and I did not doubt.

Did you have the opportunity to cover information technologies as foreign correspondent abroad?

Yes, I was in South Africa, Angola, Latin American countries and Venezuela latest. This type of work is impressive and now is living at odds with unknown realities to us.

What made you stay in touch with these realities, as a person and professional?

As person brought me to appreciate better what items I have in life: family, housing, food, generally. It is incredible that misery can be seen in some countries. Sure, not everything is negative, but to better appreciate what I have, I used the examples of other latitudes. With the occupation, has left me anecdotes, good and bad memories of my time in each of these places, of course have contributed to my development and experience.

What characteristics should be taken to be a good career in the media?

Above all, be very professional. Studying, better myself and work a lot .Not only when we were assigned to do something, do not expect to tell us, but do so at any time, oriented or not. You have to have the shortest time possible leisure. There must be an awareness of what is done and love the job. Also, I have a lot of responsibility and implement the most of what is called the participant observation, mixed with the people to feed information to help us understand the full scope of social phenomena.

Do you consider yourself a good professional?

I consider that I have to improve my work every day. I am always nonconformist with my journalistic works I think it would be better. Furthermore, there are daily situations that made difficult our work such as the means transportation situation, the family and other. responsibilities.

How is a normal life day of Lazaro Chiang?

I wake up, go to work once there I check my immediate tasks, if I have to cover any news or event. Later, I came back home and do my house chores.

What are you like?

I am quick tempered and melancholic, I am also hyperactive, affable and cheerful. I notice my coworkers are not responsible as they have to, for that reason they commit some mistakes.

Can you tell us any anecdote?

As a result of the throwing to the air of a certain television program I had had the idea to write a critical article. You do not know who gave me the title, the car’s driver. As you can see anyone can gives you an idea or criteria. Journalism is a profession, we can not abandon our positions, and journalists must interact in different spaces. Anyone can contribute to our job.

What could you change in 30 years of professional work?

In my concern my job is one of the most important aspects in my life. Some people ensure they never came back to their professional life. This is an unfortunate judgment because of two reasons: time can not back and we learn from the mistakes.


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