Ana Margarita Gil Delgado: Artist of Merit

Her wonderful voice, perfect diction, culture and technical mastery of the professio allowed her to excel and achieve friendly contact with the radio listeners in all programs.

There were many programs and radio stations, which benefited from her talent, it bears mentioning t three classical masterpieces of the radio: La Revista DE by Radio Rebelde, along with Hector Fraga and program HACIENDO RADIO at its beginnings with Uruguayan Jorge Ibarra, Eddy Martin, Roberto Canela and other outstanding radio announcers in the 90’s. More recently we listen to her in Domingo a las 11, by Radio Ciudad de la Habana. 

Other programs are El Noticiero El Rapido for all the radio stations, which was inaugurated by Enrique Lopez during the 70’s and 80’s. She was one of the pioneers along with Cesar Arredondo of Noticiero Nacional de Radio on January 6, 1992, until she departed on a working mission People’s Republic of China. 

Ana Margarita is still remembered in the television program Huron Azul  for more than two years by Cuba vision Channel.  He served a mission to work for a year at the International Radio of the sister Republic of Korea and Beijing International Radio.


On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Cuban Radio in 1992, she was granted a special diploma that said in the text:   “For have been part of the rich history of the Cuban Radio with dedication and modesty”.

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