Cuban Radio: The Voice of the Journalists and Announcers

There are other characteristics must be taking account; for example, the tone of the voice should be nice, neither high nor low. Moreover, when the speaker expresses his ideas or reads an article as if it were the most natural thing in the world, without expressing emotions and showing skepticism about the content; the information does not reach the audience.

According to moods, it is difficult to listen to a radio professional that expresses sadness and antipathy while announcing. The way the communicator speaks, the listener can perceive moods, since he is very sensitive.

What you should understand by having a good voice at Radio? By means of the voice, the communicator should aloud the listener understand his speech, so that the message is clearly broadcast. Voice needs an adequate range and intensity. Besides the words should articulate clearly, because the listener should be sure about what he is listening to.

Moreover, warm and gentle tone of the voice shows that the speaker has stable personality, intellect, and good sense of social life. But if the communicator shows lack of interest, becomes inhibited and does not express his feelings while announcing, there will be obstacles in the communication and the relations with the audience.

Furthermore, announcers and journalists can win the audience’ sympathy developing their personal qualities. For instance, speaking with sincerity and honesty is well accepted by the listeners. Do not forget that speaking is an aptitude acquired since childhood; the children learn to speak by means of stimulus around them.

Speech therapy experts consider that the way to orally communicate is based on three factors: the organic, the atmosphere of dialogue, and that of personal character. A small larynx with short vocal cords produces a higher tone of the voice than that one produce by a large larynx with long vocal cords. Defective teeth cause troubles with pronunciation, even the communicator’s cavities may affect the quality of his voice because of the possible stress they cause in the organism.

Speaking with composure, without exaggerate the tone of the voice, without expressing shyness or monotony shows the communicator’s capacity to adapt the circumstances around him. Announcers and journalists should study psychology, since to have a good voice not only depends on its physic characteristics. It is also the result of certain spiritual characteristics. The voice is a real sign of individual personality.

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