Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian writter

Considerations for Specialists from the Cuban Radio

And that is the Radio AIM: Leving a hearing mark, for human life´s improvment

To achieve that aim, it must be developed a communicative action; a show of any kind of genre, such us a news program, musical, cultural or drama.

You should take into account listeners’ characteristics, whether they are children, youth people, adults, or old people (both gender) to address the audience in a suitable way.  This makes possible to establish different ways of communication when drawing up texts with specific purposes.

Moreover, you should take into account the kind of voice at announcing; some of them may help listener’s credibility. Therefore, voice is crucial for achieving communication at radio; for broadcasting information based on specific purposes. And there are some words or sentences that call the audience’s attention by using some techniques of psychology within communication.

On the other hand, the radio communicator, who broadcast information relating to their profession, must be well prepared in:

-Good articulation of words.

-Cultural elements to support the speech. (They can also use improvisation).

– Intonation with fluency, security.

-To convince the audience through the speech.

– Professionalism when expressing ideas, thoughts. The listener should not notice the communicator is reading.

-Avoid rushing sentences; breath when needed, using commas (if read).

– Tones of the voice chances for the listener feel pleased when listening the communicator.
Furthermore, time of speaking on the microphone should not exceed 3 minutes (each time). This synchronization of time allows the show to be controlled within a drama context; and also to keep listener’s expectations for him to continue listening the communicator. For instance, a show of two hours, in which several professionals from different specialties broadcast their own information; it is considered as a radio complex proposal. There must be a balance among all these communicators’ voices relating to the time of airing for the show not to exceed the time broadcast.  When you keep this balance, there is fluency on communication; and other kind of information like cultural and some news can be also included in the show.  In extent shows like that one of two hours, the communicator needs to stop from time to time, before continuing to broadcast information. Something similar happens to another communicator, the teacher; he motivates his lessons, develops the content, and finally he consolidates the content given. But in the case of radio communicator, he can not see the listeners, and to know whether they are listening to the information, sitting or lying, or they are feeling happy or depressed. Anyway, Radio involves mystery when broadcasting some information that is addressed to an audience not visible.

Finally, the Radio has some codes they must be observed; and the communicator should not follow what a picture has said to a wall:

“Forgive me for giving you my back”

I mean that radio communicator should not behave like a picture and not allow that the listener becomes into that wall.

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