EE. UU assigned 20 mllion dolars to

Cuban Dissidents Sponsored by United States Government


There were invoices that showed frivolously as the purchase of a snow plow to buy winter coats and axes to break down pine trees near their premises, and other like that, the closer to a dirty plot to democracy.

After the funds which were assigned by Washington administration were withhold to its so-called dissidents in Cuba, now released by the Congress. At the same time, secretly approved the money continued to flow with the same purpose.

Those millions of dollars started rolling in 1960, and then were taken to the category of U.S. law in 1996, and later the Bush Plan proclaimed to the television.

Now it returned to legalize 15 million dollars to alleviate the scandals withheld taxes for the use of the money supposedly for democracy in Cuba.

For half a century in Washington did not hide the big amount of money given to those baptized with the name of “independent”, while presenting them repeatedly as “heroic dissidents,” which are nothing more than employees in the service of empire.

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