Yumié Rodríguez: Like Mother, Like Daughter

At the age of 14, Yumié registered for a Theater workshop at Havana’s Grand Theater. For four years, she received performance, dance and body language lessons as well as other specialties related to Theater. After concluding her pre-university studies, she entered the National School for Theater Instructors (ENIT). While in the last year of her studies, she took an announcing test to then register in a course of this specialty. She passed it, and the following month she began to work at the Coco radio station, while receiving classes on announcing and preparing her thesis on Theater at the same time.

Her announcing teachers were great figures of this profession, like late Angel Hernández, Antonio Pera, Rubio, and of course Zady Flor, her mother.

Yumié graduated from the ENIT in 1994, while concluding at the same time the course on announcing with excellent marks and recommendations by the teaching staff, which allowed her to continue working for radio.

Radio has given her the possibility to make incursions into all genres including dramas for children and adults. It has also given her many prizes and acknowledgements for her good job. These include:  two CARACOL Awards- the highest prize given by the Association of Radio, Cinema and Television of the National Association of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC)-, for the narration of series and stories for children.

In addition, Yumié has been presented with prizes in all the provincial radio festivals and received the award to the most versatile announcer, given by the provincial department of Radio in Ciudad de la Habana.

Yumié was a founder, along with renowned Cuban announcer Niro de La Rúa, of “Encuentro con Clio” -a television youth entertainment program on the history of humanity. At the same time, she began to work as an announcer in the “Te Veré Hoy”-now called “Mediodía en TV”- television program, where she stayed for several years, promoting the programming of the Cubavisión television channel.

For more than 10 years, she has worked for “Cuentos para despertar”, a show for children aired by the Radio Ciudad de La Habana station, where she tells stories and gives voice to characters. She has also written some stories for the program.

She also works at the Department for Dubbing and Subtitles of Cuban Television, dubbing documentaries, movies, and TV series for children and youngsters.

Yumié has sporadically worked as guest actress in some television programs, like “Los amigos de Pepito”, “Jura decir la verdad”, “Cuando una mujer”, and more recently in the soap opera “La cara oculta de la Luna”.

Translated by Silke Páez


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