Antonio Molto: “Assuming journalism is like a mission”

Due to the importance that is given to the role of the Cuban journalists, in the current times, it is necessary for high training and the correct use of the knowledge. UPEC has had a training project for students and journalists for many years. In a conversation with the Vice- president of this organization about this issue he stated the prevailing need of self-preparation and reading as the main element in this matter.

The constant evolution of the world has fostered the new transformations, which modified the concept of Communication, for this reason he insisted on the need to analyze it again. It is necessary that the journalist use the new technologies (social networks), through which they can transmit the best quantity of possible information in the least time with the advantage that it gets to more people.

The research, the references of different web sites is very important as well as other viewpoints,” the journalist can not depends on one source, he can not repeat the ideas “, thus it is necessary that we observe and assume the information but from our viewpoint, “the discourse is made by the journalist not the source”.

Antonio Molto also emphasized the need to support the Educational Institutions in order to contribute to this program’s ideas, there are seven universities and several post grades courses.

This year the training will be an institutional responsibility of the mass media in order to improve a better change that deserves a greater concern of government mid-level leaders jointly with the professional’s motivation.

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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