Radio Havana Cuba: a half century of radio all over the world



U.S. imperialism then began a covert and dirty war against Cuba and its main leaders, adopted coercive measures, implemented a genocidal blockade, and launched a disinformation campaign aimed at undermining the independence, solidarity, and the principles of social emancipation that Cuba has defended since the triumph of the Revolution.

Fidel had already warned of it in that memorable speech of April 16, 1961, given at 23rd Avenue  and 12th St, an historical moment in which he proclaimed the socialist character of the Revolution. At that time, with emotion he said:

“And do you think maybe that they will keep that lie from the world? No, Cuba already has a radio station that is now broadcasting to all Latin America … and many brothers in Latin America and worldwide are hearing us. No, thankfully we are not in the era of the stagecoach, we are in the era of radio, and the truths of one country can be sent very far”

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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