Quality on the radio. Its characteristics

If we ask UNESCO how the TV and radio programming should be, they will answer: The radio and television belong to the audience, both media are focused on the people and their as citizens. It promotes the access to the public life and the participation in it, it develops knowledge, broadens the horizons and allows people to understand better the world and the rest of the people.

Some radio listeners prefer the popularity based on preferences, others on interests and the last tendency since the end of the 20th century: a lot of music and fewer words. What does the audience reject? Well, violence, scenes out of contexts, loud melodies with rude lyrics. Every day the demands to debate with the audience about radio programming is greater, even taking into consideration the projects before they go out. It is necessary new audience research, their profiles, needs as well as the relations of these interests with the content of the scripts.

The radio directors must take into consideration certain criteria: promoting the work focus on the audiences, gathering the reports of the people about the radio product listened to, increase the interactivity levels, increase the promotion of its programs, open the place to facilitate periodic debates and discussions with the listeners about the current programming.

Another aspect to take into consideration with the current radio quality, especially in Cuba, is to preserve the musical heritage which is on records and magnetic tapes, which is not broadcast because of their analoguel support from the digital industry that overcomes the production time. At present, coming to a recording studio with a packet of magnetic tapes represent an offense for the productor. How much music is forgotten by our radio stations? How many programs are of no diversity and high quality are listened by the virtual speed of the new technologies?

Quality on the radio is the dedication and sacrifice of the producers before, during and after the production process of programs. Quality on the radio is positive when truthfully informed, oriented and criticized in depth what is incorrect, and good work is encouraged.

Quality means broadcast contents correctly investigated and proved. There is quality when the listener is closer to the radio, when the program entertains and does not bore. Quality is keeping a happy audience, capable of tackling or debating any issue of the locality, country or the world. The quality on the radio is the synonym of professionalism. Working with quality is like giving a flower.

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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