Radio Taino Station: An Attractive and Original Style

Contents usually deal with language issues, customs, and other identitarian elements that define the Cuban nationality. Most of its public, both in Cuba and abroad, agrees that Radio Taino’s messages are coherent and solid.

Such messages are supported by in-depth research. Head of the Propaganda and Advertisement Department of the station Yanelys Despaigne Ramirez said: “Our goal is to convey to the public a clear and concise message in the shortest possible time. We use humor and we rigorously select the issues to be dealt with on the program in order not to repeat topics which have already been addressed by other shows or stations. Our messages are short; we make optimal use of sound resources to stress certain ideas; we use colloquial language, sayings, proverbs, and other tools which make messages more accessible and entertained for the public.”

Advertisement and public service announcements are broadcast in Radio Taino every fifteen minutes, and between one program and the next. It’s always a different message. According to recent research, the quality of these messages is so good that people listen to these blocks of advertisement as independent “programs” per se. This may give an approximate idea of the cohesion accomplished by these groups of messages. 

The key to success

Radio Taino aims at keeping the public informed about the many socio-cultural processes developing the country over. For that reason, Taino’s programs take into consideration the characteristics of its audience, keeping in mind that the station is listened to by Cubans and foreigners alike. Culture, history, health, the environment, the economy, the guidelines of the Communist Party of Cuba for the new economic and social policies, and hurricanes are some of the many issues dealt with by the station.

There is an arts council at Radio Taíno charged with controlling the quality of programs. According to Programming Director Daniel Marín Delgado, program directors and those in charge of programming work together as a team to chose the announcers or assess radio programs.

In addition, they asses the work of artists every six months and regularly inspect the shows. “The programming board plays a fundamental role in the control process,” Marin said.

Culture and recreation are also part of Radio Taino’s programming. This station has thirty-four radio programs with different types of sections devoted to science, technology, and music, among others, with a major focus on the Cuban identity,” said Marin. 

Programs such as “Hablando de Cuba” (Talking about Cuba), “El exitaso” (Hits) and “Cuba Tonight” have been very popular for years. Others include “En primer plano,” a program on Cuban music of all times, and “Cita con la trova,” a program on Cuban popular music, and “Con entera confianza” a program for business people, among others.
Radio Taíno, known as Cuba’s FM station, has created a style of its own.

Translated by Silke Paez Carr

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