Broadcast Media Professionals Appraise Quality of Journalism and Radio Creation

Manuel Martínez Pérez, webmaster of Cuban Radio portal, spoke about the newest trends that today mark the communication processes around the world in the so-called integrated newsrooms, and the many possibilities they provide.    

“The chance of publishing news in real-time, of sharing important information as fast as any media outlet based in the Developed World can do, and the use of social networking websites as a backdrop for the ideological battle are things taking up the time of journalists not only in Camagüey, but throughout Cuba”, said Martínez Pérez.

On the question of how to make scripts, radio directors and other adepts coincided that the standards, principles or requirements are conditioned by fact sheets and quality control manuals, which ensure harmony among elements of the radio language. 

For his part, Olga Rodríguez Vilariño, who is a specialist of the methodological group of Radio Cadena Agramonte, stated that talent, level of knowledge, overall culture and dedication should be synchronized to write a script of quality.

Those who are taking part in the 33th Provincial Radio Festival will meet on Thursday local officials at the Jose Marti Park, in the municipality of Florida, minutes later the awarding ceremony is going to be held in the movie theater of the town where the most outstanding works and broadcast media professionals of 2010 and 2011 will be awarded.   

In Camagüey province there are nine municipal radio stations: Sierra de Cubitas, Esmeralda, Florida, Guáimaro, Minas, Nuevitas, Santa Cruz del Sur, Vertientes and the administrative center of this province. In addition, there is a provincial one which is Radio Cadena Agramonte, a radio station that will soon celebrate its 55th anniversary.


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