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Eusebio Leal: “Havana Radio Station perpetuates the values of our nation”

“At the same time, he stressed, the station perpetuates the main cultural, scientific, political and aesthetic values ​​of our nation.”

Magda Resik, the Havana Radio director, said that the activities for the 14th anniversary of the station include a project called “Cultura entre las manos” , a meeting of exchange with the deaf population and the opening of the exhibition “Sintonia  de un patrimonio” by artist Maykel Herrera, scheduled for January 26.

She announced that the celebration event at 7:00 pm that day and will include a speech by Leal and a concert by Cuban soprano Johana Simon with a unique repertoire of Havana lyrics to take place at the Basilica of the Convent of San Francisco of Assisi.

Another piece of news related to this commemoration will be the presentation of the website of the Office of the Historian, which already exists in the internet.

Also, on January 28, we will present a new project of the Havana Radio web site, much more updated and with new and striking options, she stated.

Other events to celebrate the Havana Radio anniversary will include the presentation of the disc Caribe Nostrum by maestro Guido Lopez Gavilan on the La Ceiba record label. It has been already listened to as “The voice of Cuban heritage” by the audience first in the capital and now in the rest of the country.”

Every activity scheduled for the 14th anniversary of Havana Radio will pay tribute to the restoration work of the Historian’s Office and will honor the late prominent Cuban photographer Liborio Noval.

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