Manuel E. Andrés Mazorra: National Radio Award 2012

During his long career, Manuel Andres Mazorra has founded and directed several radio institutions such as the Isla de la Juventud-based Radio Caribe Station, the Provincial Radio Delegation in Havana, and Radio Arte station. He has also contributed to promote the media in other nations such as Ethiopia and Bolivia.

Also, this restless radio worker founded Encyclopedia and Radio Ciudad de la Habana stations and institutions such as the Cuban Radio Agency and the Radio and Television Artistic Company.

Upon hearing the decision, Mazorra said he was deeply moved by the honor, which is presented to him the same year Cuban Radio celebrates its 90th anniversary. He also said that the National Radio Awards 2012 is a tribute to his staff and co-workers from whom he learned to love the magic of the radio.

The National Radio Award 2012 ceremony will be officially held in August, as part of the activities to celebrate nine decades of uninterrupted radio broadcastings in Cuba.


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