Cuban Film ‘Vinci’ Wins Award

The Argentine composer Osvaldo Montes, who composed music of the films “El lado oscuro del corazon” (the dark side of the heart) and “Cenizas del paraíso” (Ashes of Paradise), directed the soundtrack of this film and music was played by Cuban antique music group called Ars Longa.

The film ‘Vinci’, which was produced by the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC), deals with the experiences Leonardo da Vinci had in prison, when he was a young man. The movie story reflects a little known period of this famous Italian Renaissance painter.

The Gramado Film Festival is held annually in August. Its top prize, the Kikito de Oro, is a crafted statue created by artist Elizabeth Rosenfeld. A Cuban film had not been in the competition for eight years.


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