La Voz de Cabaiguan Station Celebrates its 8th Anniversary

During the gala, the 12 founders of this station were given awards. Some 30 radio workers currently work at the station. They include journalists, artists and the staff who support the radio programming from 7.00am to 1.00pm, every day of the week.

La Voz de Cabaiguan created its web site five years ago and now provides the everyday events of Cabaiguan municipality abroad. The web site already exceeds the 121,000 visits in 2012, mainly from Cuba and the United States although statistics also report visits from 60 countries.

The first broadcasting attempt in Cabaiguan municipality occurred in 1937, but the station was really created 10 years later and began to be called “Radio Cubanacán” in 1952, when it was taken over by the troops of the Ciro Redondo 8 Column, led by guerrilla Che Guevara in November, 1958. At that time, the station broadcasted from the Escambray Mountains.


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