The Cuban Radio in Zenaida Beltran

Zenaida began to work in Cuban radio in the seventies’ as a radio announcer and writer of diverse shows. They included those for children, specialized and variety shows. Then, she dedicated her time to finish her degree in music teaching and taught for several years.

In 1996, Zenaida returned to work at the Radio Ciudad del Mar station as a music specialist. Undoubtedly, she still felt a passion for the radio.

One morning in August 2012, I visited Zenaida at home to have a long talk about music appraisal. There was her inseparable friend: the piano. We remembered when she worked as a music programs consultant and how we learned from her experiences. We also recalled September 1996 when a Mexican radio producer called Hector Baruqui visited our show “Mexico and Songs”.  Zenaida also worked on it as consultant. It was the first time that a guest from the brotherly country came to his show.

At that time, Zenaida Beltran also wrote the script of the show “Con los grandes de la musica” (In company of great musicians), while I was its director.

 After Zenaida retired, she continued writing and directing the show for about ten years, always with the same dedication and love. Along with this task, she taught again in some institutions of the province. That was a happy event, as many students learned a lot from her great professional experience.

Unfortunately, Zenaida had to stop writing and directing. Then I had the pleasure of taking her place on the show. Every time I write and direct the show, I still feel the presence of this hardworking and simple woman.

After finishing my visit, I stared at her and asked her:  “Zenaida, if you were asked now to return to the radio now you’ve finished teaching, what you would say? She quickly answered with her eyes shiny with tears: “If I were invited to return to the Radio, I would do it.”

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