The Route to Money, a Road Full of Dishonor

Media war is usually unleashed by the “great powers” against the countries who have decided to be independent and free. This war has taken new, unlimited forms in their endeavor to destroy everything that moves away from the commands of the powerful countries.

Why is this happening? The answer lies in an unusual phenomenon that has been unfolding in the last few years: the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean have shaken off the lethargy of years and in moving into a speedy race in which they have woken up to build another world, much more just than the one they used to have. And obviously, the most powerful countries don’t take this well and afraid of losing their dishonorable privileges, are increasing their evil actions.

That is the context of the latest slander campaign taking place. The campaign is against Cuba and Venezuela, at the moment when both countries are sunk in deep grief for the untimely death of President Hugo Chavez.

As if they were in the middle of a race, the media from those wealthy countries are emitting news full of hatred, conjectures and even insults to the memory of the great Bolivarian leader. They describe a situation of crisis in both Venezuela and Cuba.

It is impossible to sum up in a few paragraphs all the news published for these purposes. Nonetheless; some need mentioning. For instance, there was the news that said that Chavez’s death was received in Miami as an opportunity for reunion for all Venezuelans and a return to democracy since the late president ran the country as a tyrant in an authoritarian and despotic regime.

Moreover; they are saying that Cuba wouldn’t be able to survive the blow of the death of Chavez, and it would have no choice but to open up to the United States. They were naïve. They rejoiced at the idea that the Socialism was coming to an end, and the death of the Venezuelan leader was a hope and a relief. Even the New York Times joined this orgy by saying that Chavez has left a nation weakened by political crisis.

Any honest person in the world would ask: how is this slander possible? How are they capable of discrediting so shamelessly the Venezuelan reality, even making a fool of themselves? They all know the great achievements of Chavism. All these achievement lays bare the true character of the opposition, predator and selfish, that’s always on the trail of money. There’s no other explaination.

Their hatred is so great, that it prevents them from listening, reading, or seeing around them. The world knows what this little group of the opposition doesn’t want to know. Each of the social programs, or missions, promoted by Chavez are unquestionably for the benefit of the people. Before Chavez, Venezuela’s economy was collapsed; the oil powers exploited the poor, and lived with their backs turned to the greater interests of the people: medicine and education were almost unreachable for the majority: the first due to total neglect and the second due to the high illiteracy rate.

And I won’t waste words speaking about the ideology of the upper bourgeoisie, a tireless plunderer devoid of human conscience.

And I think talking about the Venezuela of President Chavez seems silly, some comparisons lose value in the face of the amazing, clear reality. It is there, in front of our eyes, and has been acknowledged by international organizations. There’s no point comparing night and day or a poisonous viper to a beautiful flower.

Summing up, Chavez has been, and is, like the sun that fights the shadows. Chavez emerges from this fight victorious with deeds, with dignity and with modesty. That is why Capriles, or Uncle Sam, are cooking in their own sauce.

Translated by ESTI


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