Content and form, indispensable binomial in the media

For their managers and staff in general, it is a prerequisite to be a bitter enemy of the Cuban revolution. The basics are involved in their programming; no matter if the person does uppercase ridiculous, if you know or communicate with listeners if he utters an Olympic lie.

On the content there is much fabric where to cut, and integrate it indispensable elements, as the vulgar lies, half-truths such as formula concealment and Incredible! -expressions of admiration for the empire to be “an example of respect for human rights and democracy”; of course, not a single criticism of any country in the developed world; only Cuba and those countries of the Americas that have been cut off from the imperial trunk or struggling to achieve.

 Some examples demonstrate the “high concept they have of freedom of expression” Let us brief statements insulting “the government that ousted Fidel Castro, was an example and a proud democracy with a social economic development of the first order”; “Fulgencio Batista, has not made real historical justice” (tyrant who mourned the Cuban people); our Che Guevara, honest admired throughout the world, has described him as a murderer many times. Hundreds of examples may be mentioned, as is the case of Cuban women, “forgotten”, “marginalized”, “no job opportunities”, “victims of racism,” etc. This is despite the very high place in Cuba, as never happened in any previous time the Cuban Revolution.

If the content is grim reports Radio Marti, not least the way in which you saw that. In this regard, I try to mention some features that attest to my statement. The incredible expansion of a large number of parliaments, with repeated ideas, again and again, in interviews, is extremely tedious and boring, and it is apparent violation of a basic rule determining brevity and precision in their reporting. And all this, moreover, is very absurd awkwardly shown by schematic coined phrases and statements.

Alarmingly few journalistic genres appearing in the various programs are distorted; They do not count, even with minimal use of radio resources that can provide brightness and interest to the message; not with a real diversity of recipients, so important in programming; the station provides varied programming changes very short space of time, resulting in apparent instability: the aggression shown towards Cuba, using insulting and vulgar phrases is a contradictory effect from the point of communication efficiency; Clearly the poor technical and artistic achievement as well as the mechanism and the lack of attractive elements that harm the efficiency of the station.

All the above can be summarized in a few words. These include: inefficiency, hatred, and virtually no hearing in my country. Thus the great justice of Cuba is understood to require that the illegal and immoral station Radio Martí, definitely disappears from the ether, if the aim is normal relations with the northern neighbor. Another thing is not possible, because it would give principles and bow before injustice. Cuba also wants to make a little favor the American taxpayer, the same that force you to pay for their honest work, not with the pocket of big business and governments, the dirty role of this station.

We are required to start, the building of infamy, the room where the evil is sheltered. Others are, it is true, but step by step we must continue with the well defended reason.

Why hold so much hatred? They should study a little bit to our Master.

The sickly hatred bark and no play. Only love builds. José Marti

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez 

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