United States: Wars and Poverty

Last month, according to this source, ONE out of every FIVE people in the United States reported that at some point in that period had NOT enough money to buy food.

After investigating, GALLUP Company concluded that the economic crisis is still difficult for many Americans to pay for their meals and that only benefits the rich.

According to the University of California, the OXFORD in London and Paris School of Economics, for nearly 30 years social inequality has grown in the United States.

The United States last year income of 1% of the richest population grew by 19%, and for the other 99% increased by only 1%. This occurs when observers warn Washington that the new food stamp program for the poor, which Congress defined in November, will suffer “deep cuts and reforms.”

Paradoxically, as published in The Hill newspaper, in the Capitol there are congress members such as Darrel Issa, from California whose fortune amounts to $ 355 million dollars.

The curious thing is that United States to several centuries after it emerged as an independent country; its government leadership driving is still unable to guarantee food for a considerable part of his people.

More seriously, remembering that this is still the largest and richest capitalist power in the world.


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