Ramsey Clark : A Great Man of Our Times

One can help reverse this situation from the most humble and anonymous ways,  but there are men who shine with their own light; this is the case of former General Prosecutor of the United States Ramsey Clark, the same who honor us with his solidarity and sincere friendship.

If you are an observant person you will notice that kindness reflects in his words and in his face, a longing to realize the cherished ambitions of mankind is easily guessed. Occupying a position as high as that of Attorney General of the United Sates has not changed him at all, remaining untouched by evil.

This is shown in his opinions and upright posture in the case of Cuba, criticizing the actions of his country in the attack of Bay of Pigs, his unquestionable solidarity in the case of our Five Heroes, his admiration for the Cuban health system, and above all, his desire to achieve a sincere and respectful rapprochement between the peoples of Cuba and the United States.

From a recent interview published by Granma newspapers, I took some of his statements: “… we should have a real good neighbor policy. I think ignoring Cuba as good friends has also damaged us because we have missed being with you who are so generous, “” I hope to be a strong supportive, and I hope that our peoples come to love each other as they should, despite our long history; “” Since that time the United States has been actively aggressive towards Cuba, it is very embarrassing. In the world there is no reason to justify it, there are no words to describe it. “

Whoever speaks that well, quite rightly, has to be a man of these times: truly committed to justice. Notice something that is obvious: he acknowledges the serious errors his country has made concerning Cuba, but he does not denigrate his country viciously, he only longs for peace, justice and a real good neighbor policy.

That stance is worthy and a feature of good men, and there are many more like him in his country.

If I have referred to Clark, it is because I see him as an example to follow, as a light that should light the way for those who insist on subverting the peace, those same who should remember the wise words of Cuban National Hero Martí when he said: ” when there are many men without decorum, there are others who embody the decorum of many men.” A dignified man from the United States: that is Ramsey Clark. Thank you!

Translated by: Daysi Olano
Revised by ESTI

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