Participation and inclusion in the radio

It begins with a reflection on how the phone was one of the main ways to popularize radio audience participation , let us add to your countless letters and telegrams , but never with these dynamics first.

The digital age and the contribution called citizen journalism through social networks is a challenge to traditional forms of information, journalism and radio, feed which unfortunately has caused drastic budget cuts in shortwave transmissions that bound beings from distant latitudes.

In a digitized world, including countries with high level of development, access to the Internet continues to be unaffordable for hundreds of millions of people who for obvious reasons cannot sacrifice the tight food budget to devote to the World Wide Web. It is a paradox of global development, when most of the wealth going to the hands of a few.

Economically disadvantaged could find – even in part – of the world around them thanks to shortwave radio. Today are more insane persons that live before, while dreamers digitized are moved up a magic cloud padded illusions.

The radio, by nature, is participatory. So it was in its infancy, despite technological limitations inherent in the time of its emergence, until commercial advertising and the professionalization of their executors, gradually disdained the core of the essence on behalf of complexity. The Primate Community Radio was also essentially designed to meet local needs and concerns.

Our radio from long time ago – and now more – works to recover, expand and strengthen its participatory nature. However, I recognize that time is a commendable job, very complicated. Not unattainable, but difficult and gradual progress.

The participatory nature that requires our radio depends, first, a change of mentality of its internal and external stakeholders. We know that the radio for decades has earned such recognition and respect, to the extent that uncomfortable issue for many questions about her, and to others – from within – accept.

Some public became accustomed to admit that something is true and infallible because it is said through the radio, and often has been. This continues to be an incentive to reflect the high professional level achieved, but at the same time exerts certain effects of stun mode as to the possibility of trying to fit into the discussion of the differing criteria issued by the mean.

Something else to overcome is the sense of verticality that has characterized many times a radio message and, by extension, of the information provided to the public.

For a long time since I took the radio commercial and then political and social orientation, settled – first – relation consumer – subject-object, then, that in some cases, circumstantially necessary by historical reality, but evidently the tendency to become entrenched and prevent further development phases.

The radio announcer came to feel potter, while the audience felt – and admitted comfortably and willingly – be clay. The role of educator radio, guidance, reporting and repository of the true social, political, historical and economic of an era in some ways has involuntarily barrier a full manifestation of participatory component.

These obstacles are not overcome the overnight.

It is important to change the mindset of all broadcasters and the public, the time to realize that a full and active participation to which it has a legitimate right and is duty citizen , becomes possible and necessary without this will be violated at all the dignity that involves the exercise of the profession.

Is premise modify the style of thinking that assumes that the average ” knows it all ” that ” we are the better informed ” and that the contribution of the external public is only permissible by more than another timid, well thought opinion, request a favorite , or worn gratitude “for the good work they are doing .”

It is true that the radio has earned its reputation in large part by their qualities and virtues already mentioned, it does not imply that the actors who are on the other side of the receiver also possess ” their own wisdom,” “his vision of truth ” invalid without undergoing waiting for the announcer or producer gives its approval if their approaches, whether or or in the worst cases deserving of a public disparagement or intentional neglect – ” their own judgment ” – not infallible.

We have enough creative ability to reverse the vertical, not only on the radio, but other Mass Media Broadcasting and make them more involved in the dimension pointing with excellent acuity Ana Teresa. Our social dynamic has the potential and sufficient for this to be feasible springs.

You may have to reinvent many things on the radio; renew paradigms or, more accurately, put them in their proper place. The participatory radio belongs by nature, but real change starts with neurons in all public broadcasters and , in recognition of their status and rights equal players and respect.

Translated by: Daysi Olano


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