Moron: The radio is at the forefront of the sugar cane fields

One of the most important working and technological feats in the history of Radio Moron was the broadcasting of all programming from the sugarcane fields for the first time in the history of Cuban radio, as a contribution of the then Cuban Institute of Radio, its Camaguey Delegation the mobilization of the people for the V Sugar cane harvest of people.When beginning the Giron events week on April 1965, the technical staff, , broadcasters, operators , producers, among others, the ICR and the staff of the station , moved to the various farms to broadcast from there its regular programming .

A brigade of 15 workers installed the station with all its technical details and the rest of the staff was mobilized special shifts and then give their input as sugar cane worker. History records that the first of these transmissions was performed on a farm in Central Patria and the latest in the Enrique Varona’s 18 and 19 of the same month.

At that time, Edel Fernandez, provincial delegate of the Cuban Institute of Radio Broadcasting, in interview with Revolution newspaper, said that “the task did not look anything soft, it is necessary to understand what this effort.”

Years later when he recalled the fact described: “Thus it was that in 1965, at a meeting in the provincial JUCEI has raised the need for co mobilized to participate in the sugar harvest. I explained that it was not easy at reduced staff suggested and then move the station to the field and remotely transmit all programming. I convinced people I explained the need to collaborate with the harvest and we were going to live in the cane fields in the storage centers, we were going to cut cane and also transmit the normal programming.

This was no game. We had a small team of 50 w output and FM started. The first station we chose to do the job was the CMJX, Radio Moron because I had 6 major sugar mills. Besides its director was the best of the province, who had been able to achieve a tremendous job at the station.

So Radio Morón became the first station in Cuba transmit all programming from the reeds. After the stations in the province were chained; we took Santiago Arias as head of the provincial programming chain and so spent two years in the harvest, broadcasting from the fields. The last was just at the Central de la Juventud, so he had put sugar cane center in Falla, Enrique Varona today. “

Example of the dedication of its work collective in these hard tasks can be seen when on one occasion had to convey a voluntary act of cane cutters from a farm and did not reach the remote control to the parent plant in Morón. What to do? The event had to broadcast it and the wise solution was to install the tower a hundred feet above a windmill and the signal went out with due quality .

All this effort was done with most of the equipment from capitalist countries, with years of exploitation. Radio Moron aired every day and sometimes stayed on the air 24 hours straight from the fields of ancient region.

Translated by Daysi Olano


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