Radio anecdotes

Moncada was a program of rural adventures starring by Eduardo Egea, written first by Leovigildo Diaz de la Nuez , then by Enrique Núñez Rodríguez , which also participates Ramon Veloz , who was Pedrito Iznaga , and Antonio Hernandez, was El Bejuco.

Well, that day was the main gimmicky Plans Carlos Osorio, who also played the dog Champion. Plans posed to be very serious and were a great joker. I remember that day starting at a young program gimmicky and Plans said, “Please , guy , sees the effects department and tell them to do the recording , we need murmurs sack .”

Out came the big guy and the little while, came back with a packed cartridge tapes. A general laughter erupted in the study.

It was one of the jokes Osorio Plans.


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