Cuban Musician Eliades Ochoa presents his New Album

The album, recorded at EGREM´s Siboney Studios, based in Santiago de Cuba province, consists of a CD-DVD, and it is a tribute to Ochoa´s 35-year career with Patria Quartet.

Through this work we wanted to retake the classic songs that made Eliades famous along with Patria Quartet; so 16 hits by great composers, including Nico Saquito, Miguel Matamoros, Pepe Sanchez and Compay Segundo were chosen, José Manuel García, producer of the material, told reporters.

Along with the new phonogram, it was filmed a documentary about the life of the musician that bears the same title of the CD.

The DVD, lasting 56 minutes, is part of the book ¨Eliades Ochoa, de la trova y para el mundo, ¨by Grisel Sande, and it was the driving force through which the story line was drawn, Garcia said.

I am very happy with this work; Ochoa said and confessed that he enjoyed recording this album, which includes sones and guarachas that were part of Patria Quartet’s repertoire in the late 70s of last century.

During the conference, Ela Ramos, Bis Music general manager, noted that the phonogram was presented to the 2014 Latin Grammy, and they have high expectations because Eliades’s work is highly valued by the Academy.

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