It happened in the Siboney Farm, on July 25, 1953

Is chosen for the assault on July 26 for being Carnival Sunday, and the number of visitors to the festivities, the transit of young robbers do not attract attention.

Governments which preceded the Batista seeded fear that any armed popular movement would succeed, but the young generation is proposed Centennial undo that concept and started walking the Revolution engine.

But the Moncada assailants were at a disadvantage against an enemy superior in arms and men. Continue the fight in those conditions was a collective suicide, so Fidel ordered a retreat.

After the dictatorship unleashed the most brutal repression and wrote one of the bloodiest pages in the history of Cuba, ordering 10 revolutionaries murdered every soldier killed in action.

Fidel said about it “. NOT cry bloody revenge is NOT what you might pay with the lives of young people who die for the sake of a people, the happiness of the people is the only decent price you pay for them.”

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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