Cienfuegos: Two radio stations celebrate their anniversaries

And since the municipality of Cruces, in the province of Cienfuegos, the local radio reaches 10 years of created this Sept. 5, the date on which broadcasters also Cabaiguan residents in Sancti Spiritus, will be celebrating its tenth anniversary.

“To celebrate the anniversary of our station this year one of the main attractions lay in the extension of our daily broadcasts over an hour from the first of September until the fifth day, with the interactive space” Friends of Radio, “a program which aimed, firstly, to present the history of our country by anecdotes, tenths, and especially with the participation of the public, ” explained Zonia Boudy specialist in propaganda and quality management in Radio Cruces.

The specialist also added that for the day of the anniversary a remote control on the entrance of the station with live broadcast and participation of local talent in the municipality, interviews with founders of Radio Cruces, among other surprises that will be preceded by a cultural gala at the local theater where they interview the listener who reported first tune the station.

“The art gallery of the municipality will also add to the celebration with the opening a temporary exhibition with items that are part of the history of our radial plant option, no doubt, will be among the main attractions for 10 years Radio Cruces “concluded Zonia Boudy.

Likewise, from La Voz de Cabaiguán, Dayamí Muñoz Domínguez, deputy director of programming and station information on the activities also commented that the broadcasters have planned for their anniversary.

“From Wednesday afternoon three of us are carrying out activities in a theoretical encounter with research work of the station, where the practical experience of a program manager conducted a circle of interest of speech with children and adolescents who are already include shared his voices in the programming, “said Muñoz, pointing to several programs from previous weeks have dedicated their programs to celebrate 10 years of the station in the municipality.

Cabaiguan residents as well as the radio staff can also attend to the Municipal Theatre where local talent and guests gathered in various political and cultural gala will gather to celebrate the anniversary of the station.

This date, September 5 it is an opportunity to demonstrate that Cuban radio and choose to be strengthened in each day, an example to communicate.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez



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