Opened V Day Meeting of Cuban Culture in digital media

Attractive and interesting was also a presentation by Dr. Renato Alonso Villalobos specialist of Geocuba group who seduced the audience with the application of Andariego, a portable for mobile phones with Android OS.

“With a map of all Cuba, Andariego allows users access to a pager program that provides, among others, the distance between Havana and all municipalities in the country, also located health facilities that are required, boarding shops, bus stops, travel agencies, and many more things that will be integrated to the project has just started to take its first steps, “said Renato Alonso.

Andariego is now available to domestic users totally free software developed based walking the streets and finds everything you need about the user’s location.

This first-day meeting s ended with two papers by Computer Clubs dedicated to educational video games each educational games like El Beisbolito, Gesta Final Comando Pintura and the other, to Collaborative Encyclopedia EcuRed.

Also Ruslan Olivares, principal specialist EcuRed group, spoke about the Cuban project has already created four years and has 133 000 articles so far. “EcuRed It currently has 17,000 registered users and we are proud to be the most visited Cuba with 150,000 daily entries,” he said.

Cubarte Organized by the Centre for Cultural Informatics, Hermanos Saiz Association (AHS) and the Youth Club of Computing and Electronics, the meetings also aim to exchange views about the new technologies of information and communication related to culture.

Until next Friday will be the appointment to discuss the Cuban culture in the digital media, an opportunity in which participants can also access a wifi network to download free apps, videos, music, movies, and many more attractions that provides Network of Networks.

Translated by Daysi Olano Fernandez

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