Cuban medicine: a milestone in the world

The date has a close connection to Cuba, as this December 3rd celebrate the birth of Cuban Carlos J. Finlay eminent scientist, discoverer of the transmitting agent of yellow fever.

The special day on the island is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Doctor and nurse program family created by Fidel, which is refined and has allowed the health care more personalized and accessible, with a precautionary approach and greater social projection.

These factors are key to defend, own First World health indicators in Cuba.

This December 3 is a source of pride for health workers; Examples of sacrifice, altruism and solidarity.

Humanistic spirit and solidarity

This December 3rd it is appropriate to recognize the contributions of Cuba to medicine and the undeniable achievements of medical cooperation time.

More than 50,000 Cuban collaborators play a crucial role in saving human not only in Latin America but also in other regions of the world, including Africa lives.

Three countries in that continent fighting the spread of Ebola to avoid health professionals of the island, examples of solidarity and heroism, formed with high ethical values are humanistic and revolutionary.

This December 3, Day of Latin American Medicine, arrives appreciation to all our health workers, who work every day to keep improving the health indicators of the Cuban people and elsewhere.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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