Human rights in Cuba, example for the world

How did this after the Revolutionary Triumph of 1959? Education, culture, sport and health in Cuba are guaranteed to everyone equally. All have identical real chance to climb in levels of education to universities and then have secured employment for which someone studied.

The instruction is free. Cuba developed a campaign against illiteracy and over 40 years has extended and consolidated an educational system the best in the world.

Along with education, access to health services is one of the most basic human rights, as determined on the possibilities of life and death of people.

In the areas of culture and sport are internationally known Cuban wins, because Cuba is well known that all these fronts are the basis of development for any country.

Cuba is among the 15 countries that the World Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO), has been honored as world leaders in the fight against hunger, progress as a result of the continued implementation of proper policies to ensure the availability, access and food utilization, sustained commitment over time indicator that the state knows give the highest political and social to guarantee the right to food priority.

Moreover, the greatest capital is human; and therein lies the strength of Cuba. A nation secures your future if hoards men and women of good.

In order to maintain these privileges have been few obstacles to overcome. The economic, commercial and financial blockade is the most massive, cruel and prolonged human rights of a people in contemporary rape. Enough to put the United States in the number one world ranking of nations used as a political state terrorism.

Still, our island has been able to create a large cumulative culture, solidly grounded in ideas and feelings of solidarity and brotherhood. This is the only thing that can explain the epic feat of surviving the great economic and social crisis caused in the 90s by the disappearance of Soviet ally and the simultaneous resurgence of US encirclement.

The Cuban people have to be proud of. No doubt: human rights in Cuba are an example to the world.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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