IMAGO: cinema teaching exercise

IMAGO is also an excellent opportunity for creators to show their works to the public and interact with international samples that performs the competition. The call of the event is aimed at individuals or resident college students in Cuba, as well as students of the International Film School of San Antonio de los Baños (EICTV).

The Festival organizing committee is made up FAMCA students, designers and journalists. Among the main coordinators and students highlight are Carla Valdes, Jorge Ramirez, Daniela Muñoz and Irina Carballosa.

Among the most representative figures of audiovisual jury include Professor and creator Charlie Medina, the specialist in film history and Asian art Berta Carricarte and the FAMCA student in editing specialty, Frank Velasquez.

As part of the audiovisual genre dissimilar categories including fiction, documentary, animation, video art, spot / trailer, direction, production, photography, sound, editing and art direction are rewarded.

The specialty script is represented by the writer José Miguel Sánchez (Yoss) and Eduardo Rencurrell, FAMCA student in filmmaking, radio and television profile. The radial jury are professor specializing in that media area of the Superior Art Institute, Cary Cruz and Natalis Herrera, student specializing in sound.

Undoubtedly, one of the activities developed in the promotion of documentary photography is the Foto-rally, an exhibition space and search for instant creation with a deep conceptualization of social change from the arts.

In this regard, in a interview with the producer of the event Daniela Muñoz, she said that the most necessary issues will be addressed regarding audiovisual in Cuba, for example, discussions about the law of cinema, talks about film genres and techniques workshop Photographic.

What is happening in the film industry? That  is one of the main questions that will guide the Imago Festival, Muñoz said. Documentary photography is imposed as one of the best ways to promote social change.

As part of the Festival program, we will realize a debate about the cinema law, which will be attended by Fernando Perez, who has exhibited several times his thoughts on the subject, explained the IMAGO producer.

“Joins us a fundamental idea: support for film production is a cultural heritage and needs a necessary transformation process to make it more dynamic and flexible, it cannot override an ‘economistic’ criterion although the case of an industrial because its fruits are not consumption but enrichment of the spirit and thought of the nation”.

Among the main theoretical profiles are the sound lecturing that will be given by Jerónimo  Labrada, director of the International Film School of San Antonio de los Baños (EICTV), the conference on advertising and social networks and other about graphic design and animation with the specialist, Caridad Blanco.

All these events are part of a festival whose main objective is to bring not only to the university community, but also those who believe that cinema is a tool to build present and future.

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