#TICHabana2015: Cuba devises its technological guidelines

The deputy minister also said that Cuba is working on a comprehensive policy for the Improvement of computerization of society.

The initiative, he said, aims to ensure that ICTs become a sector of strategic development for the nation, strengthening a knowledge-based economy.

Alluding to the importance of technology to society, he recalled the speech by the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, when the anniversary XV Computer Palace said: “The computerization will become a powerful scientific force economic, even politics.”

Gonzalez Vidal also explained that the strategy will focus on human capital on which its main fundamentals are preservation and development of human capital, use and access of citizens to ICT and sustainability and technological sovereignty.

He further stressed as a priority of the Strategy attention to the computerization process and cyber security and maintain inclusive and participatory nature that characterizes Cuba.

The policy will enhance international cooperation, always within a legal framework, and ensure the content, applications and services, as well as the development of science and education; lines are also included as strategic axes, finally said Wilfredo Gonzalez Vidal, Vice Minister of Communications in Cuba, during his speech at the International Conference “New scenarios of political communication in the digital context -2015”.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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