Radio Ciudad del Mar celebrates its 80 anniversary

The origins of Radio Ciudad del Mar date back to 1936 when the Oil CMHM Martí was founded; before, in August 1923, José Ganduxé, former manager of La Casa Kerman Electric SA He made the first successful tests with its floor 6 BY. Its founder served as speaker. (*) The truth is that the South Pearl premiered in commercial broadcasting in 1936.

Since we are on the threshold of the first 80 years of Radio in Cienfuegos and, by extension, the environment in the province, it is appropriate occasion to learn about the prospects of this medium; for it Lic. Tay Toscano Jerez, Director of Provincial Radio in Cienfuegos, kindly agreed to answer our questions.

How eve of his 80th Radio Ciudad del Mar is prepared in this year?
The 79th birthday of Radio Ciudad del Mar, becomes the starting point for eight decades on the dial of Cienfuegos. Such an event warrants a celebration, we want to be distinguished by the majority share of the makers of the radio, whatever their role, and by promoting actions to narrow the link with the audience, our first reason.

For example, you were presented and approved at the Board, some preliminary ideas of the day we will develop throughout 2016, though the anniversary is just the first of July.

These ideas and shared with all employees in order to enrich the collective vision for the final approval of the business plan in September. Having taken this step we will present to the maximum provincial authorities for the necessary support.

Do any of the actions that are planned?

Conducting outside broadcast and duplex stations whose territories are cultural heritage of mankind or part of the network of Cuban heritage cities; We will seek a program for academic discussion and learning on various subjects related to the radial work. Also as part of the intention of moving closer to the audience will make tours of communities and neighborhoods debates in the municipalities and the provincial capital.

A tuitazo, along with a multimedia on the history of radio in Cienfuegos are other actions that will be specified in connection with the 80th anniversary of Ciudad del Mar.

But the biggest challenge of all and the best preparation is the constant commitment with the audience through a program that meets their tastes and preferences.

Is expected in the media term new to regular programming?

It must start from the principle that the programming is not static, but at the same time we can not ignore that projects must settle down, have a reasonable air time for the audience to appreciate and value them. Programming design is now listening for all frequencies of Radio Ciudad del Mar it was approved in February 2015 and then itself an arduous process; however on the proposed schedule for the summer they appear new projects such as “Close to the Sea, Boleros” and “The Same Guitar” dedicated to the bolero and the trova, respectively. Both this period as the year-end programming becomes ideal occasions to try new things that can become part of the regular programming.

About the most recent artistic evaluations, what were the results?
The results of the recent artistic assessments are encouraging. The vast majority of our creators obtained a higher level than they had and those they faced for the first time that scrutiny managed entry to the environment. All this puts us in a much better position to take the programming of Radio Ciudad del Mar and the three remaining local broadcasters.

What roles do participatory and informative programs in the overall context of programming?

The programming of Radio Ciudad del Mar has about 70 programs; of which 11 are informative (15. 7%) and 4 (5.7%) are purely for participation; the rest are dramas, variety and music.

After listening to the Provincial Director of Radio, Lic. Tay Toscano Jerez, I have the pleasure to publish their words. I assume the conviction that Radio in Cienfuegos sees a future of excellence. With a young and able leadership, leading his group, it is accurate to say that Radio Ciudad del Mar its first 80 years reflect freshness and refinement. A Radio where dreams, projects and realities mean the same.

Happy anniversary!

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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