Cuba-U.S. Normalization YES, Subordination NO


Obviously, we want the normalization of the relations with the United States, in the same way as with the rest of the world. However, we will never accept that for fulfilling such a purpose we have to renounce sacred principles, nor obey certain orders that call for my country gestures of “give me and take”, as if these were simple discrepancies between countries or that we are also the murderers.

It’s clear that normal relations cannot exist while the blockade, imposed by the United States against Cuba for a half century, continues trying to destroy the Revolution, that with every right, followed the road to Socialism.  Thus, it’s elemental that normal relations are not possible while the determination of the twisting the way of the Cuban Revolution persists. In addition, what right have they for doing such a thing?

Another of the Cuban natural demands is the cessation of illegal broadcasts of Radio and TV Marti, that violate the radio-electrical space in Cuba, and the only thing they do is to defame, lie and distort the Cuban reality. All this at the expense of the U.S taxpayer.

Likewise, the Naval Base of Guantanamo, illigaly placed in Cuban territory as an insult that remains until the present, since the seizure was carried out by means of the Platt Admantment, is in the same context. So, this territory has to be returned back to Cuba, and with this action putting an end to the horror of the penitenciary established there with torture included. It’s evident that the United States do not want this penitenciary in its own territory, just as they do not want the toxic waste they sent to other countries by paying out millions.

Normal relations are not possible either while budgets are approved in the United States for destabilizing Cuba, also at the expense of the U.S taxpayer. So, the same question is here: What right has a country to destroy the prevaling system in another nation, just because this nation doesn’t want to be subjected; but independent. Cuba does not want, nor cannot and should not forget the horror of the Cubana de Aviación plane which caused the death of more than 73 human beings, most of them  sportsmen returning to Cuba happy and victorious after a competition in Venezuela; Cuba cannot either forget the case of the La Coubre ship, the Bay of Pigs invasion, and many other aggressions.

When the U.S Government and the U.S Congress understand that no nation has to be forced to take on the system of the U.S government; and, that the attempts of destabilization in other countries are illegal and immoral, and when finally they can understand that respect for the rights of other is peace; then, Cuba will celebrate with style the advent of normal and civilized relations.

Definitely, the Cuban people have respect for Lincoln in the same way that we demand respect for our Martí. You have to understand that we don’t want Capitalism, guilty of great misfortunes in this world; we want Socialism, which is infinitely superior. The imperfections of the Socialist system will be resolved by us ourselves; we don’t need “unselfish” help. We will never renounce the essence of the Socialism. Cubans know by Marti’s preachings that: “People that submit, perish.”

Translated by ESTI

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