Che and the voluntary work

There is a historical photo of Che, shirtless and fork in hand, engrossed in their work. Work is a normal, everyday for any event, act symbolizing the human condition; volunteer work represents a major growth fact, humanization, collaboration, cooperation and solidarity. Engage in any task – physical or mental – for only a moral compensation, help the collective and social improvement, something that puts the individual above himself.

That day the Che gave us a lesson, which for years has lived and with which we have grown humanely chronological and warmth. It is logical that each human being to work for a fee, and the payment received is proportional to the effort and result. It is high, however, when efforts and results are given to the common good.

Volunteer work educates and ennobles. No contradicts the daily work, as just as necessary for the sustenance and, yes, for a more dignified, comfortable and better life. Aberrant would absolutize either; On the contrary, what it is humanly acceptable harmonize the coexistence of both. One, who seeks personal and family livelihoods and economic growth, a practical necessity, and is itself a legitimate right; It is the honest way to grow. The volunteer work on your part, as Che taught us, is the way to ascend in our human condition.

When Che Guevara starred in that first day, he did little to the Revolution had triumphed – less than a year – and the gesture became a symbol of humanistic inspiration of our social project. From then until now, Cubans keep that mark and manifest in many ways, both in workplaces, study, family, and community work between neighbors. That is why so many people visiting Cuba are admired with the cooperative spirit of our people. That inherited from Che and his example.

We had our custom and solidarity with each other – and others with a – as a lifestyle. Hopefully the times when breaks through the legitimate and necessary entrepreneurial, important for the welfare of all spirit; those times also conceived the spirit of voluntary cooperation which prevents the emergence of selfish tendencies, dehumanizing and raptors.

We rely on the generosity that has always identified our people, and also to the legacy he has left us Che with his first voluntary work Sunday that November 22, 1959.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez



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