Cuba countdown for film festival

On the occasion of the completion of the 37th edition of the International Festival of Latin American Cinema, based in Havana, from 3 to 13 December, Cuban filmmaker, who chairs the Foundation highlighted the contribution of significant figures to display geographical environment audiovisual higher quality, and concern for a much sharper peoples and cultures in our region look.

On the way by finding new thinking for our cinema, Giroud praised the variety of general programming that will offer as the opening film “The Clan” by Pablo Trapero, an Argentina-based approach a police case that Puccio Clan He shocked the South American country in the 80s, and is supported by major awards at Venice, Toronto and Fine Arts Festival.

As a highlight of this Film Festival, it was announced a selection of five documentaries, better known as HBO, which will for the first time the festival presented by one of the producers of American television network channel Home Box Office. All rolled materials United States addresses various themes with titles: Class divided by Marc Levin; Ethel, Rory Kennedy; Going clear: Scientology and imprisonment of science and Sinatra: all or nothing, both of Alex Gibney and up Mariela Castro: Cuban Revolution LGBT, Jon Alpert.

In line with the new ways that these technologies will be linked to the cinema for the first time a television series by presenting several chapters of Argentinean director Diego Lerman, the same as last competed festival with the film “The House”.

Also, it allows a theoretical approach to current trends of cinema in the world with lectures, conferences as part of the industry sector; Also, the dash panel with creative consultants Laboratory Scripts Sundance Institute and the projection of the award-winning film “Carol” by Todd Haynes.

Photos: Jesus Rodriguez Herrera / Cuban Radio 

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez 


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